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What is Luxury Indulgence?

Glamour Portrait (Luxury Indulgence Portrait)

Today is your time to shine, that’s what the Glamour Portrait is all about. We all dream to be stars in our own show or to have great portraits done for us, and with our service you can finally bring that idea to life. The glamour portrait is a wonderful, exciting experience that allows you to celebrate beauty in a way that’s both flirtatious and fun.

We take care of everything for you

Our focus with the glamour portrait experience is to help you become a megastar for a day. We provide over the phone, but also in-person consultation. We also assist with hair and makeup, wardrobe changes and even deliver a fully guided photoshoot. This is an enticing, unique and creative photo-taking experience, and you get to share that with any of the special persons in your life.

When we talk about your glamour portrait over the phone, we will first focus on knowing more about you and your personality. This will allow us to ensure that the photo session is very impressive and exciting. Not only that, but you will also schedule a studio tour and the photoshoot session.

The glamour portrait timeline for the day

· First, you change to robe and you set up clothes

· Then you will discuss with the photographer

· You will enter the hair and makeup session that can take up to 45 minutes

· The first glamour portrait session will take 30 minutes

· After that you go back to hair and makeup to complete your second look

· The second glamour portrait session will also last for 30 minutes

· Then you have an interlude where you go back to the hair and makeup session.

Choose from multiple packages

Our glamour portrait service comes with multiple packages, each one designed to fit your needs and requirements. You can have more or less sessions, depending on what you want. Plus, we also provide a theme option if you want, where you can bring your unique vision and idea to life.

The glamour portrait session is designed to help you feel like a star, motivate you and push the limits. It’s a great way for you to not only take stunning photos, but also ensure that you make a statement. It’s the ideal way to boost your confidence levels and trust your instincts once again.

Don’t hesitate and contact us today if you want an incredible, unique and creative glamour portrait experience. We are here to guide and take amazing, glamorous photos of you in various scenarios!


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